My Kind of Romance (Valentine’s Day Special)

Hello, there!

Every year it’s all the same: chocolate, roses, red and hearts everywhere. Every year on this day I ask myself “What is real romance?” and I haven’t found an answer yet. When I was a child I assumed the only kind of romance is the one you see in films, but growing up I came to the realization it is nothing like this. We tend to associate romance with candle lit dinners, passionate kisses and promises of forever, and while part of me wants to believe in those sugarcoated dreams, everything rational in my mind screams that romance is so much more than that. Sadly, I am having a trouble expressing my idea of romance with words that’s why I made a playlist with songs I consider to be truly romantic.

Let’s pray that one day I’ll finally be able clear the concept of romance in my mind. Until then Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone that celebrates it!  xoxo