Deni’s Guide to Summer (Summer 2017 Favourites)

Hello, there!

How’s it going? As per usual I’m here with another generic blog-post. Yay? Summer makes me really lazy but although I love to sit around and just relax it’s high time I got out of my slumber and wrote something.  I’ve seen all of my favourite bloggers doing lists of their monthly or seasonal favourites so I decided to do one myself. Without more introductions here are my favourite things for this summer so far.

  • Music

Music-wise this year is a real blessing. So many musicians I love are making new music that it gets hard to keep up with all the new single (not that this is a bad thing). It was almost an impossible task but in this playlist I picked out my absolute summer jams.

  • Films and TV Series

– John Dies at the End


I don’t know how such a cinematic masterpiece has slipped under my radar for 5 years but I’m happy that I found out about it. This is one of those films that you either hate or love. The plot seems chaotic and random at first but in the end all pieces come together and you’re mind blown. The story follows the adventures of two collage dropouts trying to save humankind from a silent, otherworldly invasion. If you’re into plot twists, dark humour and a pinch of horror you’ll love this film as much as I do.

-Spider-Man: Homecoming

spiderman_homecoming_ver6_xlgWe all know and love our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. Since this is Marvel I had some pretty great expectations for this film and I gotta say it met all of them. It was funny, punny, action packed and overall amazing. Seeing one of my beloved super heroes in a new and fresh light really made me happy and I have to admit in my opinion Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man we’ve ever had. He perfectly managed to portray Spidey’s energetic personality on screen.

– Game of Thrones

the-night-king-and-viserion-got-season-7-fan-posterAfter a few months of  binge watching I finally caught up with GoT just in time for the new season. Honestly, I thought that this show can not get any better but the first episode of season 7 proved me wrong. Winter is finally here and things are more intense than ever. I can’t wait to see what direction the plot will take and who will sit on the Iron Throne in the end.

  • Phone Apps

– Love Nikki

screenshot_7_smallWho would have thought that 19-year old me would still enjoy dress-up games, because that’s exactly what this is. You can play story mode where you complete levels by styling your character for different occasions or compete against other players at the arena. Either way this is the most beautiful and addicting dress-up game I’ve come across.

Download: Android/iOS




– Yellow

screen696x696Yellow is by far one of the simplest, yet most pleasing games out there. Your goal is simple you have to make your whole screen a bright sunny yellow. In each level there is a different way to do that, you either have to pull, push or just move something, press a button or put pieces together like a puzzle. This game makes you use your mind and imagination, and it’s also very calming when you are feeling anxious.

Download: Android/iOS




  • Beauty Products

Wearing make-up is a real challenge in summer as the heat practically melts everything of your face.  That’s why I wanted to share the products that I use most during the hot season and that I swear by.


– MANHATTAN Perfect & Protect primer

Without primer it’s nearly impossible to keep your make-up looking good for the whole day, so this is the one I use. What I love about this product is that it’s not only a perfect base for every foundation, but it can also be used just as a face cream to even out your tan and give your face a subtle glow.

-BABY LIPS Dr Rescue

My all time favourite lip balm. I carry this in my handbag all the time no matter the season because my lips are extremely chapped and constantly need hydration.

-LLUMS Fixing Spray

Another summer must-have. Keeps your face nicely glowing and prevents your make-up from running and creasing even in the hottest days.

-BATISTE Dry Shampoo

Summer is a nightmare for girls with thick hair like me. It gets greasy from sweat only a few hours after you’ve washed it, so you need something to make it look good and fresh again without actually washing it. Well, this is the perfect solution! This dry shampoo comes in a lot of variations for different hair types, hair colours and with different fragrances. The one I like most is the Cherry scented because it keeps my hair fresh and also smells really nice.

Those were some of my summer favourites! Hope you’ve found this post interesting and useful.


Get Your Spring Mood ON!

Hello, there!

Transitioning between seasons is always hard (at least for me) and it can make you feel a lot under the weather. You shouldn’t worry though! Here are a couple ideas for activities that will help you fight the leftovers from the seasonal depression.

  • Go on a walkspring nature wallpapers tumblr backgrounds

Spring is the time when everything blooms and the air fills with the fresh smell of the awakening nature. So what better than putting on a pair of comfortable trainers and going on a long walk? Even if it’s just around the block I guarantee after that you will feel a lot more positive.

  • Dance tumblr_inline_nny0bx5zgj1srzw5g_500

If nature isn’t your thing and you prefer the comfort of your room you can always dance your bad vibes away. Just play your favourite tunes and get crazy! But try not to disturb the neighbours too much. 😉

  • Rearrange your closet

tumblr_static_tumblr_static_jtcqg6o57cgs04gk8g8ws4sw_640Spring means warmer weather. Warmer weather means fewer clothes. Fewer clothes means time to put the thick sweaters and cardigans in the back of your closet and bring out the T-shirts.

  • Clean the whole housecenerentola

You have already started with the closet so why not continue with the rest of the house? A little spring cleaning will surely make your home feel cozier.



In the end no matter what you do just fill your mind with positive thoughts because winter is over and summer is nearer.