The Freshers Experience (My first Week at Coventry University)

As cliché as it may sound, starting university is basically turning a new page in your life. Moving away from home, becoming more independent, meeting new people, this all sure can seem stressful or scary, however, it is a moment every person highly anticipates. Believe me when I say, the emotions are twice as vivid if you are like me, travelling to a foreign country in order to study what you desire.

For me Freshers week has been very much momentous, even before it had officially begun. Everything has been a real adventure, from the second my flight successfully landed on Heathrow Terminal 4. The roads, the houses, the cars, the people, even the smell in the air, were so unfamiliar and felt kind of distant. Not going to lie, I was legitimately scared at first. When on Saturday my cousin dropped me off at the house where I’m currently living, I had to put all my strength in pulling myself together and not break down on the floor crying. The first time I walked the streets of Coventry, I was feeling so strange (to be fair I didn’t even know where I was going, luckily I didn’t get lost). My brain refused to comprehend the thought that I’m 3000 miles away from home. Thankfully, the rest of weekend I didn’t have the chance to sit down and think about home as I was busy unpacking and decorating my room.

Waking up on Monday morning, first day of induction week, the only thought crossing my mind was “What the hell?! I am not ready for this!”, however, that was just my anxiety speaking, because as it turned out there was nothing to worry about. The first few minutes after walking into the lecture hall were a little awkward, but once the shock of being in a new place wore off, I actually started to feel like I’m at the right place. The little tasks and games we did sure made me relax and soon enough I was making friends. After that a whole week went by in the blink of an eye. I enjoyed, all the activities we did. And the speeches from guest lecturers we had certainly provided me with a clearer perspective about what working in that branch is like. They all not only gave us some amazing pieces of advice on how to get started and develop our careers, but also shared their own life experience. Personally, I most enjoyed hearing Tom Butler, the editor of Yahoo! Movies, talking about film journalism since this is the part of media industry that is of particular interest to me. He managed to present all the pros and cons of the field in an understandable and interesting way, making it clear that the journalistic profession is most often underpaid and requires a lot of dedication and hard work. Along with that the tips he had for us were spot on and I positively will remember them for life.

But what would be Freshers week without clubbing? After all the saying goes “Work hard, play hard”. With all these events happening around the city it was impossible not to go out and have some fun. It is not exactly my thing but it was a good experience and I must say I quite enjoyed myself.

Overall, this very first week of my university life was one of the best adventures in my lifetime, filled with so many new emotions, places and acquaintances. Taking such a bold decision had a lot of risks to it, but so far I can say it has paid off.



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