Get Your Spring Mood ON!

Transitioning between seasons is always hard (at least for me) and it can make you feel a lot under the weather. You shouldn’t worry though! Here are a couple ideas for activities that will help you fight the leftovers from the seasonal depression.

  • Go on a walk

spring nature wallpapers tumblr backgrounds

Spring is the time when everything blooms and the air fills with the fresh smell of the awakening nature. So what better than putting on a pair of comfortable trainers and going on a long walk? Even if it’s just around the block I guarantee after that you will feel a lot more positive.

  • Dance

If nature isn’t your thing and you prefer the comfort of your room you can always dance your bad vibes away. Just play your favourite tunes and get crazy! But try not to disturb the neighbours too much. 😉

  • Rearrange your closet

tumblr_static_tumblr_static_jtcqg6o57cgs04gk8g8ws4sw_640Spring means warmer weather. Warmer weather means fewer clothes. Fewer clothes means time to put the thick sweaters and cardigans in the back of your closet and bring out the T-shirts.

  • Clean the whole housecenerentola

You have already started with the closet so why not continue with the rest of the house? A little spring cleaning will surely make your home feel cozier.



In the end no matter what you do just fill your mind with positive thoughts because winter is over and summer is nearer.



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