A to Z (Get to know me better)


I said I was planning to do a post dedicated to my favourite things, but that’s not original and I hate having to choose one thing I like before another. So instead I found a post on tumblr.com with a question for each letter of the alphabet.

Without any further ado let’s go!

a – age

  • 18 years, 5 months, 12 days and 14 hours.

b – biggest fear

  • Definitely darkness because God knows what can be lurking in it.

c – current time

  • 10:41 pm

d – drink you last had/are having

  • I had a cup of green tea just before I started writing.

e – easiest person to talk to

  • My mother. She is the one person I can share everything with.

f – favourite song

  • I hate that question so much! The music I listen to usually represents what I’m feeling inside so my favourite song changes depending on my emotions.  I guess the one song I will always love is Hourglass by Catfish and the Bottlemen because of its lyrics.

g – ghosts, are they real

  • Honestly, I don’t know. I like to believe they are real since I’ve watched documentaries on that topic, but I’ve never seen a ghost and it’s hard to believe in something you haven’t seen personally.

h – heritage

  • I am too young to think about this.

i – in love with

  • Life.

k – kissed someone

  • As lame as it sounds I have never kissed someone on the lips, only on the cheek or the forehead.

l – last time you cried

  • A few weeks ago, probably. I don’t really remember.

m – middle name

  • Todorova.

n – number of siblings

  • Only one.

o – one wish

  • Achieving what I’m aiming for in this short life.

p – person who you last called

  • My cousin.

q – question you’re always asked

  • “How do you know that?”

r – reason to smile

  • Animals, flowers, nature in general.

s – song last sang

  • Green Day-  Bang Bang

t – time you woke up

  • I believe it was around 7 am.

u – underwear colour

  • Black (just like my soul).

w – worst habit

  • Furiously biting my pen; leaving dishes in the sink but never washing them; postponing.

x – x-rays you’ve had

  • Right arm when I was 7, left arm when I was 12 and my left leg a few years ago.

y – your favorite food

  • Literally anything, except figs and green beans.

z – zodiac sign

  • Taurus

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